- Is your Filament tangled? Check the spool to see if it is turning smoothly on the mount.
- Is the nozzle clogged? Try to extrude a section of filament with "Filament Change" button or "Filament Extrude" button - to extrude around 50mm - 100mm filament. Observe the plastic as it emerges from the nozzle. Does it drip straight down.
- Is your extruder motor rotating? Open the protective Cap in front of the extruder you can see the motor shaft. You should be able to see the shaft turning when the extruder is running.


Maximum print volume is 140mm x 140mm x 150mm (WxLxH) for both Inno3D M1 and Inno3D D1.


- FINE Mode - High layer resolution print mode (0.13mm/layer) for high precision and high details 3D object printing.
- NORMAL Mode - Optimize print mode for best print quality and print time, the layer resolution in NORMAL mode is (0.2mm/layer)
- QUICK Mode - Very quick print mode which can output objects for previewing, verify design concept but no fine details is needed. Layer resolution in QUICK Mode is (0.3mm/layer)


Platform calibration process MUST be performed after a. Changing Extruder, b. Clearing Nozzle (print head), c. Repairing the 3D Printer (adjusting any moving parts of the Machine) CAUTION: If don't calibrate the platform after the action "a-c", nozzle (print head) may be damaged.


You should install the 3D Printer USB driver first, and it can be found in the "Application" folder of the bundled SD-Card, - File name: "CDM v2.08.30 WHQL Certified.exe" After installing the USB driver, execute the "inno3dprint" application program, it is located in "Application" folder as well. - Connection the USB cable in PC USB port and 3D Printer Mini-USB port. - Run the Inno3D Printer Windows Application, and click the "connect" button at the upper right corner of the program - USB Connection icon in application will be changed to "Green" color - it's ready for print in PC Application