Platform calibration will help ensure that objects adhere well to the platform and the object will no be deformed or slanted during print. It's not necessary for calibrating the platform every time. Platform calibration process only perform after moving the printer to other location or after changing the extruder.


Align the Print Sticker with the markings on the Print Platform and glide it smoothly throughout the whole area.


Use a metal craft spatula and work the blade carefully under the Print. Twist to blade gently to break free the Print.


- Try to replace your Print Sticker. Normal each sticker can be printer around 10 times for PLA object.
- Make sure correct print platform sticker is used. Blue Sticker for PLA printing, White Sticker for ABS printing.
- Ensure the sticker is clean. Dust and oil from your hands or tears and wrinkles in the sticker can prevent objects from sticking. Wipe down the sticker surface with a clean lint-free cloth with alcohol if possible.
- Consider adding a raft in the "Build" setting dialogue in the Printing Application. A raft provides a consistent build surface that even tricky prints will stick to.


The Printing Application supports .stl file. You can export your 3D designs in your 3D Application into .stl format.